Packaging design is the creation of distinction and difference in the shape and form of product packages. Like visual identity, uniqueness and visual appeal are the two basic elements of packaging design. One of the main factors that draw the customer's attention to the shelf is the creative design of product packaging.

Visual Identity Design is a set of design elements, such as forms, geometric shapes, different fonts, graphic images, and patterns, and the arrangement of these elements together, which creates a mental and objective image of brands in the minds of the audience. A successful brand's visual identity creates a memorable experience for the audience, the customer, or the consumer, and makes them trust the brand and its services and products and also be encouraged to come back and buy again being guaranteed another pleasant and engaging experience.

An advertising campaign, or marketing campaign, is a set of advertising activities that run in parallel to deliver a specific goal or a specific advertising slogan to business customers. In other words, an advertising campaign is the use of all advertising tools to establish a specific advertising slogan in the minds of the audience. Today, advertising campaigns have become an engineered structure in the advertising and marketing industry and have flourished among multiple businesses. The use of advertising campaigns is so important that in practice branding and providing services and products without offering them through effective advertising campaigns will remain very costly, difficult, and ineffective.