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Visual Identity Design

Visual identity design is the most important step in the success and growth of any brand. If your visual identity is designed professionally, your brand will look more powerful and credible to your audience. Visual brand identity is an integrated structure for the look of your business. Visual identity design should be such that all components of your brand are presented in a professional and unique way.

Visual identity consists of various components, all of which are designed seamlessly. These components include logo design, corporate colors, catalogs, office papers, posters and banners, packaging, social media, and more. Aba Media Advertising Company has been able to provide a variety of brands with quality visual identity design through the experience, expertise, and help of its creative staff.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is one of the most attractive steps before packaging production. Nowadays, packaging design requires more ideas and creativity than before because the appearance of packaging is one of the important factors in selling goods. For this reason, in all businesses active in the market, there is a lot of competition in this area to the extent that start-ups, by creatively designing their product packaging, have been able to snatch competition from older brands. This is so important that some businesses have been able to enter the global competitive market solely relying on their sleek packaging.

Designing & Running Advertising Campaigns

One of the best tools that can help businesses with branding and advertising is to run advertising campaigns. There are many types of advertising campaigns that run on different platforms, from out-ot-home advertising to Instagram advertising. These advertising campaigns make a significant contribution to the development budget of any organization, and today you will rarely find a reputable company that does not run an advertising campaign at least once every season. Aba Media Advertising Agency will be by your side in designing and running professional advertising campaigns in various contexts.

Application Design

By designing a mobile application, you can have the opportunity to communicate more extensively with your customers. If your business has the necessary potential, you can build a good bridge from your business to your customers by building a powerful, functional, and beautiful application. Aba Media application design team, with its skillset and long-term experience, is ready to design Android and iOS applications for your business. Rest assured that Aba Media will have the most diverse features and the most reasonable application design costs available in the market.

Web Design

Abamedia Advertising Company designs and implements a unique and special site for customers by designing a responsive website that is completely customized based on the needs and tastes of the client. Our solutions for different guilds are as follows: real estate site design, legal site, medical site, news site, corporate site and online store design. It should be noted that in the implementation of website design steps, all the basic principles of SEO are observed in accordance with the standards of the day.

TV Show

Television has the power to create more culture and create better job opportunities compared to other media by providing more access to education and entertainment and due to the ability to cross borders. According to experts in the field, with the development and expansion of audio-visual media and technology changes that significantly reduce the cost of television productions, in the next few years, jobs related to this profession will grow significantly.

Making and producing promotional teasers

Video production professionals know that making instructional videos and tutorials, especially for a wide range of blogs and web pages, can be very lucrative. Although making such videos may seem simple, picking up the camera and starting recording without preamble is not necessarily a good way. Most instructional videos are not attractive and get bored very quickly, which is why they can not attract the audience and get a lot of views. However, not all instructional videos are like this. In fact, there are seemingly small techniques that you can use when filming to persuade people to watch the rest of your video. The content may be quite appropriate, but with small changes in the way it is filmed, sometimes there are many differences.

Industrial and advertising photography

Industrial photography has existed for many years but has gained special importance in recent years. With the advent of digital marketing and the internet business environment, the importance of using high quality photos has become much more colorful and many businesses have achieved new successes with this in mind. Industrial photography aims to introduce the benefits of products or services. Industrial photography is a powerful media tool to increase sales of goods or services.